Camera and Accessory Rentals for Indie Productions, VR, and VFX
RED Epic Dragon
Our Epic Dragon package features everything you need to shoot high-end imagery, with 6k resolution up to 100fps in a small and light form factor. We offer PL and EOS lens mounts for ultimate flexibility, and a full range of support and accessories to cover indie, VFX, and even VR shoots.

The Z4XL is a premium 360° video camera array, featuring Panasonic's GH4 micro 4/3" sensors in a form factor not much larger than a GoPro for greater dynamic range, sharper images, and better color science. Perfect for productions seeking a camera with maximum quality in a minimum size. Output of 4x 2432p 1:1 square images resolves to around 5400 x 2700 @ 30fps.

Ikonoskop a-cam dII
This camera loves you, and you will love it right back! This camera features a Super16mm CCD sensor with 9+ stops of latitude, shoots from 1-30fps @ 1080p, and records uncompressed RAW CinemaDNG sequences to SSD. Available with a C or PL mount, our A-cam dii can accept any 35mm or 16mm lens. Packed into a tiny form factor that is perfect for handheld, the a-cam opens the door to using lightweight camera rigs other cameras only dream of fitting into.
Leika BLK-360 Lidar
Leica Geosystems has created the smallest and easiest to use imaging laser scanner in the world: the BLK-360. Featuring easy single-button operation, this tiny scanner can capture over 60Million 3D points plus HDRI images in under 5 minutes. Our package includes the scanner, an iPad Pro running ReCap 360 for on-set control, and access to a PC running ReCap Pro for processing and export.
We carry a full set of Nikon EOS-adapted prime lenses and Canon L-Series primes and zooms for our Epic Dragon and DSLR packages, C-mount lenses for our Ikonoskop, and a specialty 8mm Nikkor lens with EOS adapter for shooting 360º video on our Epic Dragon.
TAC has a full range of support options, from standard tripods to a specialty Weaver nodal head and an EZ-Rig to assist handheld and gimbal operation.
In addition to our cameras, lenses, and support items, we can provide DSLR cameras, follow focus, mattebox, filter, monitor, power, and sound options to fully support your next shoot.  
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