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RED Epic-X

The RED Epic-X 100% earns its name; capable of shooting up to 5k at 120fps while weighing just over 5lbs, this is the camera for serious filmmakers.  Already in use on some of the biggest feature films in the world, the Epic has been making serious waves amongst professional DPs and Directors.  With an 18-stop HDRx mode, 300fps top speed, SSD recording media, wifi remote control, and many more features, this camera is the juggernaut of digital cinema.

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Ikonoskop a-cam dii

TAC owns one of the first Ikonoskop a-cam dii digital super16mm cameras in the Los Angeles area.  This camera is a filmmaker’s dream (that’s why we bought one), shooting 1080p un-compressed RAW CinemaDNG sequences in a tiny form factor.  Able to use PL or C mount lenses, the a-cam produces dreamy images with a distinct yet hard to describe look.  It is almost impossible to avoid falling in love with this camera!

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Our RED One MX camera is a seasoned veteran, with several feature films, TV shows, and numerous commercials and short films under its belt.  Our camera has been upgraded to the Mysterium-X sensor, and meets many of the same needs as the Epic but at a lower price point.  Trusted by some of the biggest filmmakers working today, this is still a great camera.  If you want to capture high-resolution, filmic images within a modest budget, the RED One is the battle-tested Digital Cinema workhorse for you!

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